Mack's Mid-term review of ACC Predictions

By Mack McCarthy

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2.  DUKE 

3.  UNC 


5.  MIAMI  





I thought it’d also be a good time to review the accuracy of my pre-season power rankings and the accompanying comments.  Here’s how we started this year’s rankings:

Duke.  “If Grayson Allen can be a consistent leader, this bunch could be great.” 

Correct.  He has been and they, with a slightly improved defense, could be.

Notre Dame.  “this could be a high based on talent alone.”

Incorrect ranking, but the caveat was accurate.  It was a little high and then the loss of Bonzie Colson compounded that problem.

Miami.  “They are primed to be good again.”

Correct.  They defend, and play really hard, and are solidly in the tournament.

North Carolina.  “they are, as usual, deep and very talented.”

Correct.  The young talent is coming along on schedule and Maye has been exceptional.

Virginia Tech.  “The loss of Sy and Outlaw hurts the depth.”

Incorrect ranking, but the caveat was accurate.  The lack of size has been an even bigger issue than I imagined.  Can shooting carry the Hokies back to March Madness?  FSU and UNC coming to Cassell this week.

Virginia.  “they will be a tournament team . . . . Cavs are talented enough to be good again.

Incorrect.  It should have read “talented enough to be very good again! 

Louisville. “I could have picked this team much higher, but there’s so much unknown.”

Correct.  This was 100% accurate, and still is.  They do appear to be getting more comfortable.

FSU.  “Florida State just missed this list”

Incorrect.  They have been solidly in the tournament field from the very beginning. 2-4 in the league you say?  Check their schedule difficulty.

Syracuse.  “the only Orangemen going to the tournament will be the graduates of the broadcasting school.”

Correct despite some flirtations with the rankings.

Clemson was not mentioned.

Totally incorrect.  Brad Brownell has done an outstanding job.  Big game at UNC tonight.

Boston College someone asked?  Despite a couple good wins, c’mon man.


 About the Author:  Mack McCarthy has spent over 40 years in Division I Athletics including 19 years as head basketball coach at Chattanooga, VCU, and East Carolina.  Mack led his Chattanooga teams to the NCAA Tournament five times including a trip to the Sweet 16.  Mack works as a TV Color Analyst for multiple networks covering the ACC, SEC, Conference USA, Big South, and Southern Conferences. 

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