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Dear Bill, 

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Several weeks ago you thought as many as 10 ACC teams might make the NCAA Tournament.  Now, not likely my friend.  What happened to the Hokies?   Dan G, Midlothian, Va.

Yeah, 10 might have been an overzealous prediction on my part.  I'll stick with nine for now. The Hokies? They need to play better defense, starting tonight vs. UNC.


Dear Bill,

Couldn’t disagree with you more regarding eliminating the NCAA rule that requires transfers to sit out a year.  If we just allow anyone transfer to any other school because they’re unhappy, it would lead to mass chaos in college sports. Skip, Roanoke.


You mean like the mass chaos that currently exists in NCAA golf? Or lacrosse?  Or track?  There is none. Zip. Zilch. It’s a non-issue for most NCAA sports.  In fact, at the moment the only sports that have require kids to sit a year are baseball, basketball, football and men’s ice hockey. It’s time to treat all students the same.  By the way, the NCAA has prepared a guide for student athletes who are thinking of transferring. It’s worth the read:

Dear Bill,

Regarding your comments on the wrestlers who transferred from Virginia Tech to Iowa.  I think that had VT forced those kids to stay in Blacksburg, we (Virginia Tech) would have won the National Championship. In fact, we should probably hang a banner in Blacksburg for the 2008 National Championship that OUR RECRUITS WON, but is hanging at Iowa. Charles, Richmond.

Interesting letter, but it doesn’t really work that way, particularly in wrestling.  For those who don’t recall, here’s some background: Jay Borschel, Brent Metcalf, Joe Slaton, T.H. Leet and Dan LeClere were all highly touted high school seniors who signed with Coach Tom Brands to wrestle at Virginia Tech. Brands had left his assistant's job at Iowa in 2004 to take over the program in Blacksburg, but when Brands left Tech in April 2006 to take the head job at Iowa, those five wrestlers elected to follow their coach back home. Tech had invested a lot of money into wrestling, and refused to allow the wrestlers out of their scholarships, thus each ultimately lost a year of eligibility.  All five transferred to Iowa, sat out one season in which they wrestled unattached, before the “VT 5” as they are known in Iowa, won the NCAA Championship in 2008.

Look, those kids wanted to wrestle for Brands and they were going to follow him wherever he went. Despite the loss of its coach and those five wrestlers, Virginia Tech’s program has been one of the best in the country ever since, including a current streak of five-consecutive top-10 finishes.  Looking back, forcing those kids to sit out a year didn’t make a difference for either program or the wrestlers involved.


Dear Bill,
Are you aware of the “Rothy’s?”  They are eco-friendly women’s shows made out of old plastic water bottles! You should be happy that you now have a line of women’s shoes named after you. Perhaps you can give awards each year and the winners of the Rothy’s would get a pair of eco-friendly feminine flats? Your friend Julie, Blacksburg.

Was not aware of these Julie, but thank you the creative suggestion.


Dear Mr. Roth,

Just your annual reminder that more Miami Hurricanes have played in Super Bowls than any other team in the history of college football. This year, it’s Phillip Dorsett of the Pat’s who becomes the 119th ‘Cane to play in the Super Bowl. Will you have the courage to print this?

Sure.  Congrats to Phillip.


Saw your tweet regarding the Dennis DeYoung - Styx concert.  What's better: Steelers Renegade or Hokies Enter Sandman?  PITHokie.

Close call, but edge to Metallaca at a football game.

In concert? Not close. The Jig is up, the News is out!




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