The Top 3 Hail Mary's of all-time


Last week in the SEC, the Florida Gators and the equally offensively-challenged Tennessee Vols were tied at 20 in the final seconds of their game. That’s when UF quarterback Feleipe Franks hit wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland on a 63-yard Hail Mary to win the game.

On this week’s edition of “The Top 3,” we discussed the best Hail Mary’s in college football history.

NOTE: My personal greatest “Hail Mary” occurred in 1983 when, after being rejected by half the senior class, and stuck without a date, at the last minute I summoned the inner courage to bravely ask Nina DelMonte to the senior prom.   THAT, was a Hail Mary.


But today, we're talking College Football's best Hail Mary's.  Here's our Top 3:


#3:LSU's win at Kentucky in 2002 is memorable for a few reasons.  Jimbo Fisher (now head coach at FSU, was LSU's offensive cordinator), Nick Saban was LSU's head coach, and it's still one of the few times (only time?) where the home team's fans stormed the field not knowing they had lost the game. They call this the Bluegrass Miracle.









#2: BC's Doug Flutie's Miracle in Miami. November 23, 1984. BC was ranked No. 12, Miami was ranked No. 10. This game was just a tremendous football game from start to finish, and was a record-setting night for Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar.  

The 'Canes were the 'Canes, the Orange Bowl was rocking', and Jimmy Johnson was The U's head coach in this game.


Brent has the call.




#1: Colorado 27, Michigan 26, Sept. 24, 1994 in Ann Arbor, Mich. In a battle of top-10 teams, Colorado trailed 26-21 when quarterback Kordell Stewart heaved a pass that was tipped in the end zone before wide receiver Michael Westbrook caught it.


Enjoy Keith Jackson at his best.

William Roth