April 1st Mailbag

No April Fool's Day pranks today.   Just time to get through the ever-growing mailbag.

First of all, Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all who celebrate.  Hoping today is spent with friends and family and has great meaning for you in some way.

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Now, let's get to work:


Do any of your seminars, courses, etc., accept mature adults for training? I suspect there are some adults around who would be very interested (not me, I should add.) I did PA and some radio in several sports at Radford High School and Radford. That was a lo-o-o-o-g time ago. I once did an RHS baseball game with an old mic and amplifier behind the backstop at the request of Frank Beamer, an assistant at RHS at the time. Hated it when you left, mighty glad when you returned. Any chance you will do any clinics ala what you did in Cal way back when?  Thanks. Don Dobbins - Radford (VPI 1962)

Hi Don, 


Thanks for your very nice note. We've been getting a lot of these inquiries actually.

Here's the scoop: It's possible to audit a class at Virginia Tech (no grade, but you would pay tuition.) However, Virginia residents 60+ can audit college classes at any of the public university or college for free on a space-available basis.  The Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act allows Virginia residents who are 60 years of age or older to take college courses at Virginia Tech without paying tuition, subject to the admission requirements of the institution. If your federal taxable income does not exceed $23,850 per year, you may take courses for credit without paying tuition. Virginians with higher incomes may audit credit courses for no credit and pay no tuition, but you may have to pay course fees, such as lab fees. You do have to apply for admission.  You can get more info by clicking on the Lifelong Leaning picture below or by following this link: http://www.cpe.vt.edu/lifelonglearning/index.html


Bridgewater, Virginia is considering the possibility of a Minor League Baseball team. How do you think this would affect already established amateur leagues in the area, such as the Valley Baseball League and Rockingham County Baseball League? Matt Atkins


Yeah, this will be interesting to follow. The Valley League has been around for such a long time (back to 1897) and provides a great opportunity for amateur baseball players, coaches, and managers.  From players like John Kruk to Jimmy Key to Sam Perlozzo to Johnny Oates and administrators like Dayton Moore who became General Manager of the 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals, the Valley League has been a launching pad to the big leagues for sure.  While a pro team would certainly compete with amateur teams -- The Waynesboro Generals, New Market Rebels, Harrisonburg Turks are among the cool names in this league -- a minor league team could add infusion of money to the region and would help renovate Bridgewater College's field.  


Did you play any sports growing up, and did this affect your career goals? Erica Slye


Erica, This is too funny.

Me? Athletic? I was one of those rare athletes who had what they call "deceptive speed."  I'm much slower than I look😀. 

Candidly, it was my complete lack of athletic ability that led me to drop the baseball bat (and hockey stick) and pick up a microphone.

This guy peaked in Little League Baseball and high school hockey, which included a Chicago Blackhawks phase.  See pic for proof.





 In your opinion, who has the best case for NBA Rookie of the Year and why? Will Justus


Great question Will, because Ben Simmons of the 76ers is eligible even though he's really a 'redshirt rookie.'  Simmons would've been the rookie of the year last year (Sorry Malcolm Brogdon) but he missed the entire season after foot surgery.   He's clearly been the favorite since opening night, but Utah's Donovan Mitchell has been named Western Conference Rookie of the Month three months in a row and has carried the Jazz.  This kid's NBA debut  has been awesome. Sensational. Even stunning.  Mitchell's the better scorer, but Simmons has the Sixers in fourth in the east.  Six weeks ago, I'd say Simmons.  Now? 50-50 call.

What is your favorite sport to broadcast? Samantha Mottes


Baseball is No. 1.  Love 'em all though!


If Loyola Chicago can make the Final Four, we can too!  What did that school do (facilities/coaches salaries) to ensure success?  Len P (Hokie Fan) Charlotte, NC.


Loyola Chicago had an amazing run that captivated all of us.  I assure you it's not all about money. Coach Porter Moser made $420,211 this year (http://loyolaphoenix.com/2018/02/coach-porter-mosers-yearly-salary-well-justified).   There are 47 Division I coaches who make at least $2 million per year, yet only 16 of them have ever taken a team to a Final Four.  Big spending helps, but it's no guarantee of success. (Perhaps the key is having a Nun on the bench?)


There are great coaches all over the country who can win.  Some make $4 million per year.  Some make one-tenth of that.  More important that money: Finding the right coach who fits a school's culture, and who can recruit his type of players to a proven, winning system. That's the way to go. If you're a Hokie fan, you already have that guy.



Some friends and I are going on a baseball stadium tour this summer.  1,500 miles, 10 stadiums in two weeks.  Wanna join? 


Loading up the "Family Truckster," eh?  

Send me the dates.


Enjoyed listening to your interview on the radio today and certainly understand your point. But losing Trey Porter is a huge blow to the ODU program.  Allowing kids to transfer without sitting out a year will kill the mid-majors. He will be eligible immediately and could conceivably play against ODU this coming season. It's just not right. The schools should have a say in where a kid transfers to at least protect themselves from having to compete against the guys they recruited and developed. He's OUR player! Mike, Norfolk. 



He's not your player.  He graduated from ODU in December. He's an alumnus of ODU.

This is similar to Cam Johnson who graduated from Pitt in three years, then enrolled at UNC and ended up playing against the Panthers.  By the way, Porter started his playing career at George Mason, as you probably know.

As for transfers killing mid-majors, take a look at the Nevada roster.  All five starters are transfers: Hallice Cooke, (Oregon State), Kendall Stephens, (Purdue), twins Caleb and Cody Martin, (NC State) and Jordan Caroline (Southern Illinois). Those fives transfers  just led the Wolf Pack to a 29-win season and a trip to the Sweet-16.  Transfers help mid-majors.  

It stinks if you're an ODU fan that your best big man is skipping town. I get it.  But it's not pro sports, Mike. If Trey can help himself at another school, be happy for him.  


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