May 29 Mailbag

Summer is about here, and with it arrives the latest Mailbag for your enjoyment.

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Now, let's get to work:


As a recent college graduate (VT '18) who didn't have the chance to take any communications classes, what are your suggestions for a business major who would rather be a broadcaster?  Should I re-enroll at Tech, or just move back in with my parents?   Scott J.

Hi Scott, 


Congrats on your recent graduation. By all means, move back home!  I'm sure your folks would love to have you back at the house.  (Actually, mom has turned your bedroom into her new knitting and watercolors studio, so you'll have to sleep on the couch, but have at it!)

Talk with your advisor at Pamplin and drop me an e-mail. There are ways that having a business degree can really help you in a broadcasting career.


Warriors or Cavs and why?

Warriors win this series and it might not be competitive this time. Why?  The Cavaliers have so many issues right now that even if Lebron James continues his Herculean efforts, it still might not matter. The two biggest reasons?  No. 1: The Cavs no longer have Kyrie Irving.   No. 2: The Cavs' defense ranked 29th in the NBA this season and ... um ... there are only 30 teams in the NBA.

Lebron is the best player in the NBA.    And Houston might be the best team.   But the Warriors and their roster of Hall of Famers just beat the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals in seven games. This series won't go that long.


Everyone I know is getting married this summer.  Everyone. Wedding gift suggestions?  We are all in our mid 20's.  Thanks, Don.


Hmmm. Go with an ice bucket.  You can never have enough ice, and nobody ever buys ice buckets as a wedding gift anymore. Get a volume discount (buy 10) at your favorite store and you'll be credited for a purchasing a thoughtful and useful gift by all your ice consuming pals.    Why?  Ever run out of ice at a party? It's a real downer! (trust me on that), and besides, ice never goes out of style.  


Long time, first time- you know the deal haha.

1) If money was no object what's your bucket list stadium you haven’t been to yet?

2) Can I wear shorts and just a t-shirt for my summer broadcasting gig? It's going to be hot.

Tom P (writing from a bus en route to our next game on some lonely interstate)



I'd like to see a Premier League game at night, maybe at Liverpool's Anfield Stadium?  I've been told the Premier League contests are like an SEC football game on steroids.  That would be a fun to experience. Anyone ever been to one? Send pics!

Shorts and a t-shirt? Oh heavens, no.  Go with at least a polo shirt, sans the team logo.  In Richmond one summer I was fined $5 in the team's kangaroo court for wearing a Braves polo shirt during a game broadcast.  Atlanta's organizational rules are pretty strict: No team-identifying shirts, caps, or apparel could be worn by any team personnel off the field ... ever. Even in the radio booth. Or during the off season. Never.   The only exception: championship rings.  The team's GM John Schuerholz set that rule for all his employees throughout the entire organization claiming it was unprofessional, and some other teams have adopted that rule over the years.  Fans were certainly encourage to buy and wear Braves' shirts, caps, jackets, and more. But us broadcasters had to wear non-identifying polos (on Sundays) or shirt-and-tie (all other times.)

Why did Devyn Ford pick Penn State and should we be concerned about this trend of losing players to Penn State?  Todd G, Richmond.


I think Ford stated his reasons pretty well in a bunch of articles last week, so you can hear his reasoning straight from him.  Concerned?  No sir.


Heard your comments on the radio with Greg Burton regarding the NFL rules which will require players to stand and agree 100-percent with your take. The NFL copped-out and played to its base here and the players will figure out another way to protest, somehow.  I know it's a divisive topic and I'm glad you were willing to discuss it.  Andy 804, Richmond


Divisive indeed. As I mentioned, I think it's sad that we have to 'force' anyone to stand for the National Anthem.  But at the same time, anything that is done to silence the voices of those who point-out social injustice in our country is wrong.  That's not the "American Way."


I've been following your social media tweets about your sports journalism program at Tech.  It's fabulous that you're developing future broadcasters and writers. A question: Who's your favorite writer of all time?   Roger, Blacksburg.



I have too many sportswriting friends to name one.  Honestly.  But, my all-time favorite columnist doesn't write sports.  It's Dave Barry, of the Miami Herald. 

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