A Midsummer's Mailbag: ACC '18, Top QB's, & Snobby Shores

Thanks for all the submissions to the July mailbag, the most-interesting of which are printed below.

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Now, let's get to work:

Dear Bill,

Where did you pick the Hokies in your pre-season ACC poll?  I think Miami is overrated and we can win the Coastal and give Clemson a battle again in the ACC title game. Time for the Hokies to take the crown back!   Rick J, Richmond.



I went through each game for every team in the ACC season and project the Hokies in a three-way tie for second in the Coastal, behind Miami.  

There's going to be a logjam in the middle of the Coastal it appears. 

As for the Atlantic Division, this might be the best Clemson team ever – it’s certainly the most experienced.  The Tigers are 40-4 over the last three seasons and have won at least 10 games in each of the last nine. That team’s returning talent is staggering. On paper, one can’t pick against Clemson in the ACC.  Too much talent returning. Too many all-Americans.  Might challenge the ’99 FSU Seminoles as the ACC’s best-ever team.



I found it interesting that you thought Boston College would be a swing game for VT and that BC is your surprise team.   Are you serious?  They can’t win in the Atlantic with Clemson, Florida State, and NC State, which is the real surprise team in the ACC IMO. Todd, Roanoke.

Yeah, I like BC a lot, Todd. They’ve got 16 starters back including running back AJ Dillon who was the ACC’s Rookie of the Year.  The entire offensive line is back, and the Eagles probably have the best tight end in the league too.  BC finished strong last year, winning five of six, and Coach Steve Addazio has taken that team to four bowls in five years. They’re going to try to mash people up front, and when BC has that kind of team, it’s dangerous. 


This Papa John’s thing at Louisville is the last straw.  Does the ACC have ‘buyer’s remorse’ over the addition of this school over WVU?  Shep, Charleston, WV.


I’m not sure WVU was under serious discussion when Louisville was added in 2012. Connecticut and Cincinnati were likely the other schools in the mix back then to replace Maryland.  As for ‘buyer’s remorse,’ ACC Commissioner John Swofford was pretty candid in his interview with David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press last week.   “I think any school and program that’s been through what Louisville’s been through loses some credibility,” Swofford said in that interview. “I think it would be naïve to think it doesn’t, and it’s important for that to be re-established for them and the league.”   Read more from David’s excellent interview by clicking on the picture of David (giving his Hall of Fame acceptance speech) right here:




This has been the worst off-season EVER for VT athletics. Agree?  Sam P, Fairfax.



Not close. Read up on 1995 and ’96 and Civil Rights lawsuits involving Tech students and Hokie football players.   Or the summer when VT was declined full BIG EAST membership and then kicked out of the Metro. Or go back to the late 1980’s when Tech found itself on probation in both football and men’s basketball leading to a financially strapped department. Players leave or get hurt.  Coaches leave. Stuff like that happens all the time at most schools.  Don’t sweat it. 

Mr. Roth,

I graduated in May and still can’t find a job. I find myself sitting at home bored to death playing Fortnite. HELP!   TJ, Fairfax.


Put down your back bling and stop making plans to hang with your pals at Snobby Shores. Give Fortnite a rest for now, and make sure your resume is tight, your suit is perfectly pressed, and you’re ready to kick some tail in an interview.  Finding a job is a full-time job in itself. Call contacts.  Call your father’s contacts.  Volunteer somewhere to meet more people and create new contacts on your own.   You graduated from a great school and have the skills.  But it’s your own inner-drive that will make it happen for you now. 

Billy boy, for fun: Who are your top 3 VT QB’s and the top 3 QB’s VT played against?  My top three Hokies would be: Vick, Druck, and Tyrod.  AJ, Blacksburg.



Not really comfortable picking favorites, but Michael Vick, Tyrod Taylor, Bryan Randall, Sean Glennon, Jim Druckenmiller and Marcus Vick would be candidates.  Top three opposing quarterbacks?  Aaron Rogers (Cal), Peyton Manning (Tennessee), Don McNabb (Syracuse) would be hard to beat. 


Why didn’t Mora work. Do you think Chip will?  Sam, LA


Sam, UCLA football is a true Rubik’s Cube.  Not sure why, but everything is there to win very, very big.  Money. Tradition. Facilities.  The best high school talent in the country within an hour’s drive.  It’s all there. Coach Kelly has a chance to build something very special for sure.

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