IMO: FBI Investigation Good for College Basketball


By Mack McCarthy


A lot of people are talking about the ongoing FBI investigation which has resulted in exposing a dark side of college basketball (and probably other sports) recruiting.  This is, of course, a black eye on the sport that I’ve been involved with my entire professional life. 

It’s slightly perplexing and even amusing to me the number of people expressing “shock” at the recent developments.  These are things that have been at least rumored for a long time.  There seems to be some naiveté or denial in these reactions, but this was not totally unexpected from my perspective.


the fact that it’s been exposed will be good for college basketball in the long term.

While no one knows how far this investigation will go or how widespread this behavior is, the fact that it’s been exposed will be good for college basketball in the long term.  Eradicating any improprieties, and the people involved in such activities, will make our sport better.  You feel for those coaches who have done things the right way and maybe even lost their jobs because other people were taking short cuts. 

Everyone involved in collegiate athletics has made mistakes, but this systemic operating outside the rules needed to be exposed and stopped.  College basketball is a great game.  It’s an even greater game when everyone involved is operating with integrity.







Due to only one real test (kudos to GT for playing UCLA) in the games of the opening weekend, we won’t change the ACC Power Rankings for this week.  Instead we bring you the Power Rankings of games scheduled before our next IMO.  There are some outstanding games and potential matchups:

1.   November 14 Michigan State vs Duke (seems like an annual must see).

2.   November 17 Virginia vs VCU (Ram fans love this game and Mike Rhoades is going to do a fantastic job!).

3.   November 20 Pitt vs Penn State (early season rivalry games are fun).

4.   November 15 Bucknell vs UNC (could be a sneaky good game, and Bucknell Coach Nathan Davis is outstanding).

5.   November 16-17 Virginia Tech in the 2K Classic with St. Louis, Providence, and Washington in Madison Square Garden (playing in the Garden is special).

6.   November 16-19 Clemson in the Charleston Classic with Auburn, Temple, ODU, Dayton and others.

7.   November 20-22 Notre Dame in the Maui Invitational with Michigan, VCU, Wichita State, Marquette and others.



About the Author:  Mack McCarthy has spent over 40 years in Division I Athletics including 19 years as head basketball coach at Chattanooga, VCU, and East Carolina.  Mack led his Chattanooga teams to the NCAA Tournament five times including a trip to the Sweet 16.  Mack works as a TV Color Analyst for multiple networks covering the ACC, SEC, Conference USA, Big South, and Southern Conferences. 

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