Mailbag: Retired jerseys, relationship advice, and imploding stadiums


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Dear Bill,

Bill, which former Hokies do you believe have an argument to be the next number hanging in the North End Zone of Lane Stadium? The same question for the men's hoops team in Cassell?  Brady Hess.


Brady, I'd say guys like Bryan Randall, David Wilson, and Tyrod Taylor, who were ACC Player of the Year winners would be candidates. And some other first-team All America players like Kevin Jones, Darryl Tapp, Xavier Adibi, Brandon Flowers, or Macho Harris.

In basketball, I'd suggest Dale Solomon who led Tech to the 1979 Metro Conference title.  Coach Charlie Moir said Dale was the best player he ever coached, so I'll go with Coach Moir on that one.

Dear Bill:

Thanks for taking the time to visit with us on The Key Play. Loved your Frank Beamer story. That was freakin' hysterical.  The only problem, you left too soon and didn't answer all of the questions (like the one on the new University logo? Peace out, Billy!). But my question to you is this: Do you think Virginia Tech is closer to winning a national championship right now than it was 20 years ago? John in Roanoke.

Hi John,

Virginia Tech led Florida State in the fourth quarter of the 2000 BCS Championship Game, so they were 14 minutes away from winning it all.  So that's pretty close.  But I understand what you're really asking here. Baring the return of another once-in-a-generation type of player (that would be Mike Vick), there's a lot of work to do (that would be recruiting) to get to that level.  But, Clemson has shown everyone the model of how to build a National Championship team in the modern-era ACC. That's a good blueprint to follow.

Dear Bill,

You left the AMA way too soon. Frank-Cheryl story is gold. PLEASE tell more. You also didn't answer the question about what was the most important win in VT history.  #TeamMoes.  Dale in the 757


Most important win in VT history? 1995 Sugar Bowl victory over Texas.  It launched VT into a new stratosphere.  

Also for those who missed the AMA (acronym for 'ask me anything') click on this picture of delicious Hungarian Apple Cake.

Dear Bill,

Reflecting on rivalry week, what is your favorite rivalry in sports and why? Jesse Dix

Alabama vs. Auburn.  Why? It just means more. 

Dear Bill,

Thanks for a great story. SID’s miss holidays, birthdays ... for a job they love and I’m a proud dad of an SID. Gerry A.

Thank you for your note, Gerry. We all love a great sports information director.  They are unsung heroes who really make our jobs easier.


Loved being an SID at two small colleges in the Midwest. Promoted a lot of great events for a lot of great kids. Didn't hurt that I had a football team that had a 38-game unbeaten streak. Never a football loss in my four years in college. Rest of the teams were pretty special too. Abe Goteiner

Hi Abe, Thanks for your note.  Sounds like you had a wonderful career.  A 38-game unbeaten streak is pretty remarkable.  I heard from a lot of media relations people at the division I and other levels too.  They deserved to be recognized for their hard work.


Dear Bill, 

WHY AM I UP AT 2 AM WATCHING A BASKETBALL GAME? And why are you doing it? And WHO is that guy with you? I can't sleep, and now I am watching this meaningless game and my girlfriend is NOT HAPPY about this. Drew, Richmond.


OMG, you needed to turn the TV off.  Of course she's mad at you. You were watching a REPLAY of a game that had been played hours earlier. Drew- that wasn't really a live telecast.  Look, I'm not great at giving relationship advice, but you owe her a very nice dinner. Take her to a place with no TV's. I don't know you, but my hunch is that if there was a game on a television at a restaurant, you'd watch the game instead of engaging in a meaningful conversation with her.  Got it?  No TV's.  

Daymeon is my analyst. He was a former Mr. Basketball in Kentucky and played at Auburn.  

Good luck, Drew.



Dear Bill,

What is the hardest call that you had to make in your broadcasting career?  Trey Lyle


I'd say the 2005 Virginia Tech vs. Duke men's basketball game when the Blue Devil's Sean Dockery hit a half-court shot at the buzzer.  The night before, Tech had lost the inaugural ACC Football Championship Game to FSU, so it was a rough weekend. Not much sleep.  That shot was a real dagger at the time. 

Dear Bill,

Do think UVA has a chance at becoming an actual threat to VT anywhere in the near future now that they're actually winning some decent games (for them) and bowl eligible again?  Elyse Ricigliano

Hi Elyse,

Absolutely.  Tech has won 14-straight against UVA, but some of these games have been close and decided in the final seconds.  

Dear Bill,

Congratulations. You called the greatest missed extra point in Cincinnati history.  You'll always have that, Roth. haha. What a miserable way to end a game.   Jack, Lewisburg, WV.


Thanks, I think.  Tough for UConn, but a win for Cincinnati.  It reminded me of the 2003 VT-Temple game which also ended on a missed PAT.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's brutal for the kicker and his team.



How do you see the future of sports radio? Also, is a wrap a sandwich? I'll take my answer off the air.  Humberto Zarco


Entercom has the model down to a science now and is committed to this format. They understand the importance of local sports talk, how it relates to a specific demo in each market, and how that attracts certain sponsors.  So, I'd say the future looks good for this format. Now, in 2020, you might be listening to sports talk radio exclusively on your mobile device, but you'll be listening.

And wraps?  Wraps are not sandwiches and you know that.  I love the chicken parm wrap at PK's. And the steak fajita wrap there too.

Dear Bill:

As a fund raiser, why doesn't Tech charge for admission or at least at donation at the spring game. If for example, you asked for $10 a person donation and got 20,000 people to contribute, that would be a cool $200,000. You could have other athletes go around with baskets and asking fans to help out. Most fans pay to drive there, spend money on food and lodging and I am sure would be willing to help out VT with donation if only asked.  Michael Macarthy

Interesting idea, Michael. I'll pass that on to the head honcho.

Hey Bill, Last week, the Georgia Dome was imploded. It was the biggest implosion there since Bud Foster blew-up Lane Kiffin and the Vols 😊.   I always liked going there, and wondered if that was the 1st stadium we've played in that's been blown-up like that? Secondly, will VT play in the new MB Stadium any time?  Jerry, Myrtle Beach, SC


Eventually, Virginia Tech will play at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta I'm sure. Will be a neat experience for players and fans alike.  As for the other stadium, Tech's been playing football since 1892, so not many of those early stadiums exist.  In terms of modern-day implosions?  Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia), Fulton County Stadium (Atlanta), Pitt Stadium (Pittsburgh), Orange Bowl (Miami), and Georgia Dome (Atlanta) fit the bill.  I know many of you attended games in each of those venues, and some of the greatest moments in Tech history occurred at those places (Chris Kinzer, Keion Carpenter, Tommy Edwards, etc).  Below, the "final play" in those stadiums:

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