Olympic reviews, LeBron renews and good news/bad news for the ‘Hoos


By Mike Ashley

CHEATERS SUCK: The Russians were suspended from the Olympic curling competition for using a Roomba instead of a curling stone.

HEY, GREAT SEATS BEHIND THE TARGETS: I’m thinking the proper placement of viewing stands in the biathlon events is a crucial part of course planning.

NO WOMAN, NO CRY: The Jamaican women’s bobsled team coach quit just days before that competition began. She owns the team sled, too, so it could be all downhill from here.

THE GREEN BAY JUDGE GAVE IT A ‘10’: Many Olympic events, other than pure head-to-head competition, seem a lot like the NFL’s catch and no catch albatross. There are complicated rules no one understands until someone ‘splains it. Well, then I still don’t understand. Maybe the NFL should just go to a panel of judges for replays.

TIMEOUT FOR TRIVIA: Who won the NBA’s first official Slam Dunk Contest?

KING JAMES, REVISED VERSION: The Cavaliers’ trade-deadline whirlwind revamped the roster with younger, more athletic players who can defend and shoot. That formula could help James add to his 7-straight NBA Finals Lebronathon.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Kristaps Porzingis’ knee injury is at least a 10-month heal, meaning the Knicks are minus their ‘Unicorn’ for a long time, and left with a roster full of salary-cap unfriendly trolls.

MEADOWLANDS MAGIC: Don’t despair in the basketball-challenged Big Apple, your football teams have hope. The Jets have enough money to dictate the free agent market and the Giants are energized via a new coach and a last place schedule.

BEDEVILED: With so many projected NBA Draft selections (Marvin Bagley III, Wendell Carter, Jr., Trevon Duval), will Duke celebrate ‘Freshman Night’ in the Blue Devils’ final regular season home game?

AND THEN THIS HAPPENED: In the wake of landing just the 7th best 2018 recruiting class, Alabama announced plans for a $2 million renovation of the school’s football recruiting lounge. 

FRANKLY, MY DEAR: New Colts’ coach Frank Reich is best known as the QB who brought Buffalo back from a 28-3 deficit to win an AFC playoff over Houston, and Maryland back from 31-0 to beat Miami during his college days. Hopefully, he has learned the key to coaching is to not fall that far behind in the first place.

HOOS ON FIRST: Virginia moved to No. 1 in the AP poll AFTER losing to unranked Virginia Tech. The bad news for the ‘Hoos is Hokies coach Buzz Williams may have provided a blue print how to take down Virginia. Defend like fiends, spread the floor offensively and shoot well and frequently from three.

TRIVIA ANSWER: It’s 1984 and Phoenix’ Larry Nance out of Clemson wins the NBA’s first Slam Dunk contest. He went on to star in Cleveland, where his son just got traded.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Ashley has covered college athletics for over 30 years. He has worked in the athletic departments at Virginia Tech, Radford University and Marshall University, in addition to freelance work from his Northern Virginia home. Ashley has also worked as a stand-up comic, and has been a regular on many radio stations throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. His work appears in Terrapin Times (covering the University of Maryland), NCAA programs, Blue Ribbon YearbooksAthlonLindy’s, and on bathroom stalls in major sporting venues. He has also co-authored a book on the golden age of Virginia Military Institute football, “Best Regrets: VMI’s John McKenna and The Lost Age of College Football.” Previously, the Salem, Va., native has helped author books on the New York Yankees, Emmitt Smith, Maryland’s 2002 NCAA basketball championship, and published a book on the history of Radford University.

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